How to Share Data on Airtel in 2024 [Full Guide]

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What is the best way to share or transfer information from Airtel from 2024 onwards:

 Today’s society share Data on Airtel has become a vital element of our lives, and we utilize it for a variety of purposes, like browsing the web streaming videos, chatting with loved ones as well as completing our daily chores.

However, purchasing data can be costly in particular if you need huge quantities of it. This is why sharing data is growing in popularity among families and friends who share similar networks.

Today, thanks to technological advances transfer of data to family members, friends or colleagues has become quite simple.

Airtel is among the biggest telecom companies in Africa that has extensive coverage of its network and a massive client base. The company provides a diverse variety of data bundles for its customers, ranging from monthly plans to daily plans.

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But, there are times when we have data that is not being used and wish to share with others. Airtel lets its customers share their data with their relatives and friends, which can be a great method to utilize the data efficiently and to ensure that everyone in your network is connected to the internet.

In this post we’ll show you how to transfer data from Airtel in 2024. Before we begin, be sure that this article will answer the following questions Keep in mind that TECHSPIKE.COM.NG will have you covered.

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How To Share Data On Airtel 2024/How To Transfer Data On Airtel 2024

To share data with Airtel it is necessary to have a valid data plan and a good balance of data. Data sharing is easy and simple, and is possible to do it using a variety of methods, such as:

  1. Via SMS
  2. Via USSD code
  3. Via MyAirtel app

Let’s take a look at each of these ways:

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How To Share Data On Airtel Using SMS

Sharing information on Airtel via SMS is a straightforward and straightforward procedure. You can share information with family members and friends members by following the steps:

  1. Write a new SMS and then type “Share (Phone number) (Data amount)” in the body of the message.
  2. Send the message to 121.
  3. The user will get a notification informing you to confirm the transaction by responding by ‘1.”. You can reply with a ‘1’ in order to confirm the transaction.
  4. They will be sent an SMS to inform them of the transfer of their data.

For example If you want send 500MB data to a person with a phone number of 08012345678, write “Share 08012345678 500MB” in the body of your message and then forward your message to the number 121.

How to Transfer Data on Airtel by using USSD CODE

To transfer your data to Airtel simply follow these steps:

  1. Install the call apps on mobile phones.
  2. Dial *141# from your Airtel line
  3. Choose the option number 6. (‘Share the Data’)
  4. Select option 1 (‘Me2U’)
  5. Enter the telephone number of the person who will be calling.
  6. Confirm the transfer (option 1, proceed].
  7. You will be notified of the data transfer after the transfer is completed. Both you and the recipient will also receive an email from Airtel.

For instance If you wish to transfer 500MB of data to someone whose # is 08012345678, make a call to *141#. choose the option 6. (Share Data) and then select the option 1 (Me2U) and enter 08012345678, choose 500MB, choose choice 1 (proceed) and be patient for SMS notification confirmation.

How to Transfer Data on Airtel by using USSD CODE

To transfer your data to Airtel Follow these easy steps:

  1. Launch the Call apps on mobile phones.
  2. Dial *141# from your Airtel line
  3. Choose the option number 6. (‘Share the Data’)
  4. Select option 1 (‘Me2U’)
  5. Enter the telephone number of the person who will be calling.
  6. Confirm the transfer (option 1, proceedto the next step
  7. you will be informed of the transfer of data once the transfer is completed both the recipient and you will receive an email from Airtel.

For instance for example, if you would like to transfer 500MB of data to an acquaintance whose # is 08012345678, call *141# choose the option 6, (Share Data) and then select Option 1 (Me2U) and enter 08012345678, choose 500MB, then select the option one (proceed) then watch for an SMS message confirmation.

How To Transfer Data On Airtel VIA MyAirtel App

MyAirtel app MyAirtel app is a complete application that allows Airtel clients to monitor their accounts, purchase data, and share information with other users. To share data through the MyAirtel app Follow the easy steps following:

  1. Log into the MyAirtel application. If you don’t already have the app You can download it via the Play Store.
  2. When you open the app, you’ll be presented with a menu bar that includes options like Play, Home Help, Help, and More.
  3. Simply click on “More.” This will reveal two headings “My Account” and “Share & Gift.”
  4. under the “Share & Gift” heading you can click under the heading “Share Data. “Share Data.”
  5. After you click on “Share Data,” select the amount of data that you would like to share, and then provide the recipient’s Airtel number.
  6. Choose “Proceed” to confirm the transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions on How To Transfer Data On Airtel

What’s the USSD code used to transfer data to Airtel?

The USSD code for data transfer to Airtel is *141#.

How do you share over 1GB with Airtel?

There isn’t any way to transfer more than 1GB daily with Airtel. This is the maximum amount of Airtel transfers of data.

Is there a limit on the amount of data that I can transmit on Airtel?

There are limitations in the amount of data you can transfer via Airtel. The minimum amount you are allowed to transfer is 10MB, while the maximum limit is 200MB per transaction with the daily limit being 1GB.

Which is the pin number for Airtel Data transfer?

Its the default Airtel transfer PIN is 1234. (It is highly recommended to alter the default PIN prior beginning).

Does HTML0 allow Airtel data be used to share data?

You are able to “share” or “transfer” the data in the allowance of a purchased data bundle to an Airtel user. You may also offer internet-related data to another Airtel customer through data gifting. This allows you to purchase the data bundle plan of another customer, paying for it with the airtime you own.

There is a cost for the transfer of data through Airtel?

Yes there is a charge to transfer data through Airtel. The cost is deducted from your balance on the account and will vary based on the volume of data that you transfer.

What can I give Airtel information?

It is worth noting that the Airtel transmission code used for Me2U service can be found as *141#. So, in order to access the service dial *141#, then select the Share or Gift Data option. Then, select Data Me2U. This is how you can exchange Airtel data.


Sharing information on Airtel is a fantastic method to utilize your data in a way that is efficient. Airtel lets its customers communicate their personal data to family members, which is an easy and simple process.

If you follow the steps described in this article it is easy to transfer your data to loved ones and relatives.

However, make sure that you have sufficient balance in your data prior to sharing data with anyone else and make sure you verify the phone number of the recipient prior to confirming the transaction. Make sure you share data and the love by partnering with Airtel!

We invite you to leave us any comment with any queries and we’ll respond whenever we can.

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